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In a recent case, Navarrete v. Meyer, the Court of Appeals held that a passenger’s act of encouraging a driver to exceed the speed limit and become airborne could support a cause of action for aiding and abetting an unlawful exhibition of...
The San Diego County Bar Association Legal Ethics Committee recently released a new opinion about informal discovery on Facebook.  The Committee found that an attorney cannot “friend request” a represented party on...
Generally speaking, California workers are statutorily entitled to overtime compensation for working in excess of a 40-hour work week or in excess of an eight-hour work day, unless they are properly classified as falling within one of the narrow...
Punitive DamagesIn the recent case, Stewart v Union Carbide Corp, the court of appeals held that a party may recover punitive damages and a claim against a supplier in an asbestos case.  In Stewart, a plumber and his wife brought an action against...

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