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Divorce Attorney

No matter if you initiate the divorce or your spouse filed for divorce, a divorce is a difficult time in your life.  It’s not easy, dealing with dividing your property, sharing custody of your children, moving on.  Our Divorce attorneys provide every potential client a 15-minute free consultation to discuss your divorce and to see if we can help you in your legal action.

Divorce is the termination of the marital relation and a judicial determination of your rights and responsibilities including the division of community property, separate property, child custody & visitation, child support, spousal support and attorney's fees awards, if any.  Don’t do it alone.  We provide excellent and personal representation of our clients through this difficult time.  Divorce is stressful enough, let our Divorce Attorneys handle the legal issues- like jurisdiction, court orders, hearings, separation agreements, custody orders, restraining orders, modification proceedings, grandparents’ rights, guardianships, nullity, legal separation, etc. 

Want to get a divorce?

Just served with divorce papers, what to do?

Can I modify a court order already in place?

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